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HiKOKI's Latest Products: Grinding & Cut-Off Wheels
HiKOKI's Latest Products: Grinding & Cut-Off Wheels

HiKOKI's power tools and accessories are exceptionally designed to match both quality and performance. This giant industry now brings a wide range of Cut-Off, and Grinding Wheels. Let us see, what HiKOKI brings for us in this latest product launch. They include 5" Grinding Wheel, and Cut-Off Wheels of 4, 7, and 9 inches. It is always preferred to use the original spares, and accessories to the machines.

Grinding wheels and cut off wheels are both types of abrasive wheels used in metalworking, woodworking, and other manufacturing processes. However, they are designed for different purposes and have different characteristics.












Grinding Wheels are used for grinding, shaping, and smoothing surfaces. They are typically made of abrasive particles bonded together with a resin or ceramic binder. The abrasive particles can be made of various materials, such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, or diamond, depending on the application.


5 inch Grinding Wheel


The newly launched 5-inch Grinding wheels comes with the below specifications. These wheels offer high performance and comes under professional range of accessories.


5inch Grinding Wheel Specificaions 

Applications: Widely used in the metal fabrication sector, this grinding wheel can perform deburring, removal of spatter, or welding bead, grooving, chamfering, and also polishing.


Grinding Wheel Uses


Cut off wheels, also known as cutoff discs, are used for cutting through metal and other materials. They are typically thinner than grinding wheels and are designed to be used at high speeds. Cut Off Wheels are made of abrasive particles bonded together with a resin or ceramic binder and are often reinforced with fiberglass or other materials for added strength. They come in different sizes and shapes, including flat, depressed center, and diamond.


HiKOKIs New CutOff Wheels


Let's see the specifications and uses of the latest Cut-Off Wheels by HiKOKI. The wheels come in 4-inch, 7-inch, and 9-inch diameter. The 1.9mm being the highest thickness as seen in the 9" wheels. The quantity in the package varies for wheels. As discussed earlier, these wheels are again employed in metalworking tasks. They are used for: cutting, ingate cutting, sheet metal thin pipe slicing, and also for thick metal cutting tasks.



Cut Off Wheels Specifications


Remember, the tools always perform best with original spares and accessories. Screwfix is glad to assist your in choosing the right tools for your jobs. Also, we undertake online orders. Note, it is important to choose the right wheel for the job to ensure safety and efficiency. Using the wrong type of wheel can result in accidents, damage to the workpiece, and reduced tool life.

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