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How to Safely Use Power Tools for Woodworking?
How to Safely Use Power Tools for Woodworking?

Woodworking is a hobby that lets you create small to big projects you want to build. You can fabricate your magazine rack, ice cream maker, floating shelves, and many more. However, as much woodwork seems enjoyable, it is dangerous, at the same time, no matter how professional you are in using woodworking power tools. That's why you must always prioritize your safety while using these tools.

So, with that in mind, let's check out safety tips during woodworking with this post. 


9 Tips to Use Woodworking Power Tools

Here are basic rules to stay safe while working with power tools during woodworking:

1. Use Sharp Blades – Compared to the damaged & blunt blades, sharp blades are considered safest as they can easily create clean edges with little splinters. It reduces the risk of getting hurt and can cut the wood easily. Having sharp blades comes with less kickback which happens when the spinning blades with high speed take the back of the piece of wood being cut down and fly back to you. This is the most challenging part of woodworking. The same goes to drill bits. Sharp bits don't jam easily, and thus it is crucial to invest in the best professional power tools having sharp blades & bits. You can also sharpen them periodically.

2. Wear Safety Gear – No one can carry out projects properly without a clear vision. The entire body is at risk while operating the power tools, especially the upper body. Therefore you need to equip yourself with good-quality protective eyeglasses and gear. Always wear hand gloves and safety glasses that protect your eyes from dust and debris and your hand from cuts & splinters.

The noise these tools produce during the operation is very high, so you should wear soundproof devices, like earplugs or earmuffs. 

Apart from sound, tools such as saws, sanders, and drills produce minor dust particles that can enter your body through the nose and mouth and enter sinus passages & lunges. This can create respiratory problems. Therefore, you must wear respirators such as disposable masks that help you prevent these harmful impurities.

3. Dress in the Right Attire – It's always recommended to wear proper woodworking attire. Loose clothes are at a high risk of getting caught in revolving power tools. Long-sleeved shirts & long pants are a better option than T-shirts & shorts, or you can even put on a comfortable jumpsuit. As for footwear, consider using steel-toe boots that can easily protect your feet from injury through large pieces of falling objects. These boots feature puncture-resistant soles that protect the feet from sharp objects you might step on. 

4. Remove the Jewellery – Always keep in mind to avoid wearing jewelry while working with these tools. Accessories such as necklaces can get stuck in spinning belts and revolving blades that might put your life at significant risk. However, if there is something that you always prefer to keep with you, try to keep it out of reach of power tools by putting them in your pocket or your bag.

5. Stay Sober – If you are going to start working with power tools, you shouldn't be intoxicated while handling these types of equipment that can make an impaired judgment. Avoid working on the projects if you have certain health conditions, especially those that cause drowsiness.

6. Switch off the Power After Use – Many incidents happen where workers get serious injury through woodworking power tools as they are connected to the power supply and running. Therefore, you must check that the tools are turned off and disconnected from the primary power source. Apart from this, it would be best to lock out the power to make it safe.

7. Inspect Wood for Nails – There are great chances that some nails will be there if the wood is old. Therefore, you must always check for any nail or other fastener on it. You can use a metal detector to work on a lot of reclaimed wood. Failing to spot the nails on the wood can cause specific injuries or damage your saw blades.

8. Ensure to Work Against the Cutter – Woodworkers know the importance of working against the cutter. Working against the cutter means taking the Work to the cutting tool whenever required. Therefore, working against a stationary blade is necessary rather than bringing it onto the work surface as it lowers the risk of kickback.

9. Seek Help When Needed – Don't feel insulted to seek help from others to avoid accidents or injuries, including accidental contact with a running blade or muscle strain resulting in back pain. So, if you aren't sure about handling the equipment, ask for help. 


Safety is the utmost important thing you should never ignore in the woodwork profession, especially while working with power tools. You must know the rules to handle the power tools and tips to stay safe while operating them.

If you are looking for the best professional power tools, you can consider Screwfix. You can have the best quality tools ranging from power, cordless, gardening, and hand tools to storage units. So, use our top-notch power tools and build projects with zero risks.

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